Marmaris Museum

The little hilltop fortress overlooking Marmaris and its bay has been nicely restored and is now a fine small museum.

Visit it for the castle itself, for the panoramic views from its crenellated walls and towers, but also for the museum exhibits, which are beautifully done.

The exhibits range from artifacts discovered at ancient Knidos, at the western tip of the Reşadiye Peninsula, through Hellenic, Hellenistic and Roman coins, seals, oil lamps and pottery, to Ottoman gravestones.

The Knidos Room is perhaps the most interesting, with good displays of life in that important seaport where Praxiteles’s fine statue of Aphrodite shocked and delighted the world, and where Saint Paul stopped on his last voyage to Rome to await favorable winds.

The museum is open every day, April through October from 09:00 am to 19:00 (7 pm); November through March from 08:00 am to 17:00 (5 pm).

Marmaris Müzesi
Marmaris, Turkey
Tel: +90 (252) 214 1261, -1014, -3127, -6006

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